Praise & Acknowledgments

Catherine Lanigan, Famous Author of "Romancing the Stone", "Jewel of the Nile" and 40+ other titles

I have worked with Lissy Peace for over twenty years as my publicist, literary agent and publishing partner. Through those decades we have not only watched trends come and go in the publishing and film industries, but we have ridden the crest and often times, come in ahead of the next wave. Dogged persistence and keen perception is what Lissy brings to the table. Not only is her insight astute and clear, time has proven her strategies and methods bring successful results. 

Steve Alten, New York Times Bestselling author of the forthcoming movie "MEG", based on his books

"My terrific publicist, Lissy Peace" 

I have worked on and off with Steve Alten for ten years, in addition to placing him in over a hundred media placements, bringing him another New York Times bestselling honor,  15 book audio deal, and several multi-thousand book distribution placements. 

Denise O'Neal, Chicago Sun-Times writer, Book Blogger and Author "On The Line"

"Thank you for sticking by my side through all the trials that led to the road to success.  You are a godsend and a true friend." 

James J. Kaufman, Author of the award-winning trilogy "The Collectibles"

"Thanks to my agent, Lissy Peace, an amazing talent and wonderful person who makes all things possible."

Judge Sam L. Amirante and Danny Broderick, Authors of "Defending A Monster: John Wayne Gacy"

"To Lissy Peace, our agent and friend, whose dedication to this project made it a reality after thirty long years." 

Diane Gilbert Madsen, Author of "DD McGil: Literati Mysteries", and "Breaking The Code of the Canon"

Lissy Peace and her staff planned, organized and ran a hugely successful launch for my book, HUNTING FOR HEMINGWAY.  She delivered much more than expected.  Throughout our working relationship, she has helped me navigate the complex and sometimes Byzantine world of publishers and vendors, and she has offered useful and timely advice in the areas of advertising, marketing and promotion. She is innovative, practical and a problem solver. 

Praise & Acknowledgments

Sylvia Friedman, World renowned Astrologer and author of the book, "The Stars In Your Family"

Lissy has the heart that will do, the soul to dare. She overcomes the odds and comes through smiling. 

Rick Moskovitz, owner, A + Pest Control, an all green product line

Lissy helped to rebrand my entire product line successfully positioning our company in a competitive market.  

Sherri Rosen, Owner of Sherri Rosen Publicity and author of "Publicity From the Trenches"

If overloaded and must refer the author to another publicist, make sure she/he is just as good as you are like Lissy Peace!

Chicago Writers Association Speakers Bureau

I am honored to be included in the CWA speakers bureau and have spoken with 20 different places throughout the Chicago area.